Serving @ Leith Valley and studentsoul

In the community at Leith Valley Presbyterian Church we consider that all members can participate in ministry according to their gifting and sense of call. While our pastors are set apart for certain tasks, the building up of the Church, the Body of Christ, is the work of all the people. There are many opportunities to serve at LVPC.

Service Roster

Every Sunday morning @ LVPC numerous people contribute to the services, from setting up the hall, managing the sound desk, to preaching, leading worship, providing morning tea, praying for others and welcoming, everyone is needed. Without this significant help from the congregation we would not be able to sustain the services at George St. The roster is compiled every three months.

Watch out for the notices from the office and consider joining the teams that make our life together work.

We especially need help setting up on Sunday mornings and new sound technicians.

Worship Team

There are three worship teams rostered on to lead our services. If you are a singer, musician or worship leader and would like to contribute in a team please contact Richard Dawson on 467 9208 (office)

Welcome Team

A key value of Leith Valley is to ‘grow great community’. We value the welcome and inclusion of outsiders into the community as a fundamental call of the gospel. The ministry of the welcome team is to help newcomers feel at home here and to find the information they may need as a first step to becoming a member of our community. If you like meeting new people and helping them feel connected please talk with Kristin Jack or Nancy Parker about how you can help.

Young People's Ministries

We are always looking for leaders, teachers and volunteers for our children's ministries and youth group. If this feels like your sphere of service in please talk to Kristin about youth group or Nancy about Kidztime.

Pastoral Care

At Leith Valley church our hope is that all members will take responsibility for caring for one another and providing the basic foundation of pastoral support within the church. Small groups are also seen as a key means by which this will happen.  Some Leith Valley members have made this a special ministry and are available for the task of visiting and praying for those in need around the community. 

Prayer for people after Sunday services:

Members offer prayer for those who desire it after the service on a rostered basis. If you enjoy seeing God at work through prayer and would like to pray for others talk to Kristin at the church office.


We offer meals to people in times of sickness, new babies, bereavement etc. If you can make a meal, need a meal or know someone who does, please contact the church office.

Prayer Chain

Urgent prayer needs that arise during the week can be communicated to the church office. If you are an intercessor or want to be committed to praying for this community you will receive notification of these needs as they arise via email. Please contact Kristin to be placed on the prayer chain.

Are you called to student ministry? Be a part of the team that helps make this ministry function. 

We are currently in the process of appointing a temporary Minister of Studentsoul, any enquiries can be forwarded to Kristin in the interim.