For the children...

Our aim is to encourage all young people into a living faith of their own.

KIDZTIME // Ages 0-11

Our values are to be child focused, safe, have creative bible teaching, care for the children and to have fun. The Leith Valley ‘Kidztime’ programme runs during the Sunday 10 am service. Children are welcomed into church and after a short time go out to their programmes:

Creche under 2 yrs (Designated play/feeding area inside auditorium)
Tiddlywinks 2-5 yrs

5-11 year old children (ie primary school age) meet together for a while then go to their own groups:

Red Group 5-6yrs
Green group 7-8 yrs
Gold stars group 9-11 yrs



Miranda Fairmaid  

Ph: 03 467 9208
E: miranda@leithvalley.org.nz