Level 2 Again

Richard Dawson, 25 August 2020

I wonder how you’re feeling?
If you’ve found yourself to be ‘on edge’ recently don’t be surprised. This has been a year of (and I hate to use this word again!) unprecedented change. No matter how few people Covid kills compared to the infection rate (somewhere between 2 and 4%) the very changes we’ve made to try and combat the disease are pushing us into a fight or flight mode. Now you may question where the ‘fight’ mode is but I suspect it can easily be seen in the civil disobedience of those who stay partying and who escape quarantine and do other rather rash and silly things. For many of these people the very context of change is threatening and though we may not admit it – we are suffering together from all of the changes made to everyday life.
So, what to do? I am not at all sure that simply ignoring it will be enough. I am sure than any chemical solutions will not be kind to us in the long run. Instead we need to share each other’s burden. We need to show extra patience with those who have lost theirs. We need to show extra kindness to those who appear unkind and we need to be kind to ourselves.
Can I encourage you to get more rest, eat more healthily and find someone to share your load with. Talking helps. Giving unsolicited advice doesn’t. Laughing helps as does giving others a hand before they have to ask.
Try not to listen to too much news. The news makers always try to make things appear worse than they really are. Definitely don’t get into all the conspiracy theories flying around at the moment. This isn’t a CIA plot gone wrong; it’s not China’s secret weapon and the Janola should be kept under the sink!
Finally friends, know this – God is here in the valley with us all. We are not being punished. This is life Jim – just not as we know it!

Richard Dawson

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